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Dr. Tie Yiu Liong was working as a Research Officer/Soil Surveyor with the Soils Division, Research Branch of Agriculture Department of Sarawak from 1976 to 1983. His main areas of responsibility include all levels of soil surveys, research on peat and potential acid-sulphate soils, detailed studies on soil properties, soil erosion studies, soil classification, and agricultural capability/suitability classification. In 1983, he was sent for an in-service post-graduate course at the University of Reading, England. 


In 1985, he continued to work with the Department of Agriculture Sarawak in the same field except for the additional involvements with various Multi-Disciplinary Research Groups formed to co-ordinate all agronomic and related research on various crops and problem soils. His personal studies on peat soils continued on a part-time basis, the results of which enabled him to complete his PhD Thesis in late 1990 and be awarded PhD in early 1991. Between 1985 and 1991, he was also involved in in-house consultancy assignments, working on the feasibility studies of a sago plantation in Mukah, and a pre-feasibility study on Sabangan-Bajong area. 

Dr Tie resigned from the Agriculture Department in early 1991, and took up consultancy jobs. Since then, he have successfully completed numerous soil surveys, plantation advisory services, feasibility studies for agricultural developments, agricultural perspective plans, feasibility studies for the establishment of rural growth centres and service centres, environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies, environmental monitoring studies (EMR), high conservation value forestry studies (HCVF) and related forestry studies, estate management (visiting agent) reports.

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