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Ceria Group currently manages a 145 acre of farm in Kuching Sarawak, with 70 acres under wet paddy and 85 acres under maize cultivation.

This farm is operated under a fully mechanised system and it operates as both a commercial viable farm and also a trial planting area for new agricultural technology, machinery and farming practices.  The company is also embarking on a program to produce hybrid maize seeds for its own use and also distribution to its contract farms and farmers.

In addition to be a commercial farm, Ceria also participate with various local and international agro based companies in trial programs on fertilisers, farm machinery, farming practises and even on farm infrastructure such as roads, bunds and drains.  Due to participation in these programs, Ceria Farm has been adopted by several companies and government agencies as a farm for “on the ground exhibit" and also to provide hands on training for their staff and the local farmers on modern farming methods.

In 2011, with Ceria’s competency in the use of modern farm practice and technology, Ceria Group has joined up with the State Farmer's Organisation to provide farm mechanisation services and activities that includes, field preparation, crop planting and harvesting to the farmers state wide. Due to the overwhelming responds from the local farmers, Ceria has confident that these services are expected to grow exponentially and offer services up to 50% of the state's farmers within 5 years.

In summary, Ceria Farm formed a “Model Farm” for the local farmers and states Agriculture Department's Farm modernisation and mechanisation efforts.

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